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Carpet Flooring

Carpets are ideal for those rooms that need a little more comfort and are often a popular choice for bedrooms, stairs and landings. A luxurious carpet can also transform a living space into somewhere warm and cosy, where you can escape from the outside world.

Porters only order to your requirements so whether you prefer subtle, neutral tones or bold, bright patterns, we can help you choose something that will suit your home. We can also recommend the most appropriate type of fibre and stain protection, which will enable you to also enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Carpet Cormar Sensation Twist Charcoal Living Room
Carpet Cormar Natural Berber Morning Dew Living Room

Customers often have concerns about the maintenance and upkeep of carpets, but nowadays carpets are more hard-wearing than ever before. Stain protection is available, along with easy-clean options such as bleach cleanable twist. Technological advances in carpet fibres enable floor coverings to be more serviceable than they’ve been in the past.

In addition to using high-quality carpets, we also use high-quality underlay with all of our carpet installations. The higher the density and thickness of the underlay, the better the sound and heating insulation. Cheap underlay can crumble, causing carpets to wear quickly, resulting in them needing to be replaced more often.

If you have an apartment that needs a specific decibel rating or if you have a cold room caused by a garage underneath, we can help. By trusting us, you can be sure you’ll have the correct thickness. We don’t use less than 8mm and will usually recommend 9mm in most installations, or up to 11mm when a premium base is required.

Carpet Cormar Apollo Elite Grey Partridge Childrens Room
Carpet Abingdon Stainfree USA Platinum Living Room

Visit our showroom to see the different colours and patterns available. Feel the different types of fibres and allow us to advise you on the best options for your budget and your lifestyle.

Can’t fault the service or product. Highly recommended. The whole house has been re-carpeted over several months and the guys have been so accommodating with us, the carpets look great, house left tidy each time. Thank you so much.

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Visit our showroom to view our entire range of carpet flooring samples and get free advice.